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Developer: GameTornado Instructions [Z] and [X] for jumping up and down. Drive and balance the race car with ARROW Keys.


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Developer: Smokoko Instructions Use the ARROW Keys or WASD Keys to move, [Z] for Turbo, [X] to Jump, SPACEBAR to Shoot


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Developer: Rokoo Instructions Use [W,A,S,D] or ARROW KEYS to drive, SPACEBAR for nitro boost.


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Use the MOUSE to move with player, and to stop the incoming ball. Once the ball is nearby, use the MOUSE LEFT BUTTON for normal kick, or Hold the SPACEBAR and press MOUSE LEFT BUTTON to perform bicycle kick.


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Developer: Effing Games Instructions Use the WASD or Arrow keys. Up to jump. Down to swing.


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Developer: Mad Puffers Instructions Arrow Keys or WASD to move. [X] and [Z] to shoot. (alternatively [L] and [K])


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Use your mouse to choose, pour, hammer, build, and battle. Follow the in-game tutorial for more information. Developer: Flipline Studios


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Kung Fu Election The Elections are now been undertaken by Kung-Fu. Win all the fights and become the leader. An awesome mortal kombat knock-off fighting game starring Republican and Democratic primary front-runners.


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Interesting fighting game, which comes in black and white. At the beginning we advise to start with training and try out a few beats, in order to know how to fight in a real combat. There are many attacks available an...


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Suffering from amnesia and madness a fallen hero is forced to fight for survival in the planes of oblivion.

لعبة الهدايا الضائعة

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لعبة الهدايا الضائعةسانتا موزع هدايا الأعياد يجد صعوبة في جمع الهدايا،  لهذا هو محتاج لمساعدتك للعثور على هذه الهدايا الضائعة، لكن كن حذرا عند البحث من الاصطدام في جدوع الأشجار و القفز على الخنادق و الحفر المنتشرة ف...


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After being kidnapped and held hostage in an evil Candy Land, you must launch Burrito Bison as far as you can to help him escape! Bounce off gummies, earn cash and purchase upgrades to help you in this task. Can you e...

Hot wheels racer

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Hot Wheels Racer is an exciting racing game. Use arrow keys to move. Avoid all the obstacles, collect the Nitro bottles.


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It is time to get these zombies once more! Evade the horde of zombies as you smash them and upgrade you vehicle towards victory!Controls Arrows or WASD to move, Ctrl or X to boost.


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Elsa and Rapunzel are best friends and they are about to spend a wonderful day together! Join the two pregnant princesses and make sure they take their vitamins, eat healthy food and relax by playing music to their ba...

New york fashion week

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New York is the neon city that never sleeps especially throughout the Fashion Week that is considered as an outstanding event in the glamorous and stunning world of modern fashion. This young girl came to the Big Appl...

لعبة ابطال العالم

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لعبة ابطال العالم من قسم العاب حرب، هي لعبة ملحمية مليئة بالقوة التشويق و الإثارة، لديك سبعة أبطال قم بتهيأتهم تدريبهم و تسليحهم بأفضل و أقوى الأسلحة، و بعدها تبدأ المعركة و يحتدم القتال.مجموعة أبطال العالم هدفها مح...

Baby Barbie Hospital Recovery Game

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Baby Barbie is in hospital, girls! She tried to rescue a cute cat from a tree when the branch she was climbing on gave way. The little girl fell off the tree and injured herself. An ambulance rushed baby Barbie to the...

لعبة تلبيس باربي 3

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باربي موضة الرئيسية 3، كما نعرف أجمل فتاة في العالم في باربي، فساتين الموضة الجديدة هي offert لكم لمساعدة بملابس انتظار. 3 في خامسة متعددة المجالات باربي موضة الرئيسية مرة أخرى، في سلسلة منفصلة من الملابس الجميلة للخر...

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